5 Important Things To Remember When Dealing With Fire Damage

Anytime a person hears sirens, they automatically think of the worst. Whether it be because of a car accident, or a prank phone call to 911, sirens can be heard throughout the day. The only thing worse than hearing and imagining the horrors of an accident happening to someone else is to hear sirens and find out they are coming to assist you and your own disasters in your Troy home. Some of the worst of these are fire damages. Most times, fires happen unexpectedly and out of nowhere. They are usually out of your control as well. From the experts at On Site Cleaning, here are a few things you can do when fire damage ruins your day:

  1. Contact 911 Immediately: It may seem like a silly thing to be reminded of, but some people try to play the hero. Please be safe and leave so that the fire department can do its job.
  2. Understand The Different Types Of Fire Damage: Your home or property may experience different types of wear, such as fire, heat, smoke, chemical, and water damage. Remember that professionals are there to take care of all of these damages, as it is crucial to take care of these damages with special care and equipment.
  3. Stay Out Of The Damaged Area: Although you may want to run in after it is out to check the damages, your safety comes first, as well as the safety of your home. If you enter the damaged area, the structure could collapse, or other lingering damage could harm you. Walking around could also distribute the soot to other unaffected areas of your home.
  4. No DIY’ing: This is especially important with small fires. Using household cleaning supplies won’t fix the problem. They do not take away the soot and ash that could have stayed. In fact, attempting to clean it yourself may make it worse!!
  5. It Will Be Ok: In the heat of the moment, it may seem that all is lost. But remember that your safety and that of your family comes first, and there are professionals to help with the aftermath. 

Fire damage is a serious issue and should be treated with caution. The sirens in the distance mean that help is on the way. You can help the professionals and the fire damage cleanup crew by ensuring that your family is safely outside. It also would be helpful to contact your insurance company so that they are aware of the situation and can contact the restoration crew. 

Fire Damage Experts In Troy

Experts like those at On-Site Cleaning understand that fire damage can be devastating. They work 24/7 and are able to assist you at any time. They will be able to give you peace of mind as they restore your home to its pre-fire condition. Do not hesitate to contact them with any questions you may have! You will not regret it!