Water Damage Restoration Inside and Out

When you have a water emergency, you have a thousand small decisions to make. Choose a water damage restoration company that can bring the skills and passion to complete the project. You will want to partner with a company that can handle all aspects of your home’s restoration. On-Site Cleaning in Troy has advantages due to the techniques, the tools and their fantastic team.

Mitigate= Dry Out

You can’t start repairs unless you know that lingering moisture won’t affect the home in the future. Mitigation services include extracting standing water from the affected areas. Unlike the tried and true technique of throwing a beach towel down on the ground and hoping for the best, our water damage restoration experts will come prepared. Utilizing specialized tools, experts can extract much more water from carpets, carpet pads, rugs and furniture that home methods. 

Today’s professionals take control of the drying process. Structural drying removes excess moisture from all wet materials that make up the structure. By managing a) the temperature of any wet materials, b) humidity levels and c) airflow, restoration teams can dry the unseen areas that could lead to future damage. A complete drying plan ensures that not just the air, but all the affected building materials are addressed.

Make All Needed Repairs

When it is time to plan the rebuild, many factors must be considered; materials, timelines, budgets, safety. With a knowledgeable staff well versed in current trends and armed with years of experience, their recommendations are designed to save you time and money. On-Site’s process will ensure the prevention of further damage such as mold, structural damage, or other hazardous conditions. Equipped with the proper tools and equipment, the team can identify damage that you CAN’T see- further protecting your property from long-term damage. 

More Than Just the Structure…

With the proper tools and techniques, the contents inside can often be salvaged with the proper resources. On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration got their start in 2001 providing content restoration services. Over the years, they have restored countless pieces of fine art, memorabilia, and other priceless items. Master contents restoration technicians who have achieved the ultimate status in their craft will work to restore anything they can. This means that regardless of the severity of damage to your contents after a fire or water damage, we have the best chance of salvaging and restoring your item. 

Our water damage restoration experts can be your partners in restoring your content. In order to maximize results, the team will pack, move, clean, and store your contents away from your home until your property is restored. Then they’ll deliver your restored items and replace them exactly where they were before your property was damaged.

Coordinate With Insurance Company

You have paid thousands of dollars in insurance premiums over the years to protect your home. Now choose to work with a trusted team that understands the ins and outs of the insurance process. Confirm the process of photo documentation and detailed notes to coordinate with your provider; follow all advice to simplify the claim process.

Reliable Water Damage Restoration In Troy

When you experience water damage here in Michigan, it is crucial to choose a contractor who is certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration has a proven process in place to extract, mitigate, and dry your home or commercial building. Our process will ensure the prevention of further degradation: mold, structural damage, biohazardous conditions. Our water damage restoration experts are certified by the IICRC and equipped with the most advanced tools and procedures in the restoration industry.

Call our water damage restoration experts for 24 hour responsiveness.