Water Damage Restoration Due To Water Heaters

One of the most common sources of water damage in homes in Troy is the water heater. When functioning correctly, the water heater provides incredible comfort to daily life, but when water heaters leak, it causes major destruction and restoration costs. Traditional water heaters are sized according to how many gallons of hot water they can hold at a time.

Water Damage Restoration In Troy 

The most common residential water heaters range from 20-100 gallons. Water heaters are designed to continually fill themselves, so leaks from water heaters cause extensive flooding due to the continuous availability of water. The most common sources of water heater leaks are:

Loose Drain Valves

When a drain valve becomes loose, it will slowly, and continually, leak water. It is easy to stop a leaking drain valve; you simply tighten it with a wrench. However, you must be cautious to not over-tighten the drain valve, because if you force it you could cause more damage and even a rupture. If you notice a leak, check the drain valve first. If that is the cause, it will be the simplest fix that you can cover on your own. 

Too Much Water Pressure

If the water heater tank builds up too much pressure inside, water will leak out of the tank in an attempt to reduce the pressure. So, what causes an increase in water pressure? It most commonly occurs when the temperature on the hot water is set too high. Another factor that can lead to increased water pressure is if the exterior water supply to a house comes in at too high a pressure. If the temperature-pressure relief valve is defective, it can also lead to an excess buildup of pressure in the water heater. Check the hot water setting to make sure it is not too high, and if you think it could be the water supply pressure that is extensive, install a water pressure reader to monitor it. 

Old Tanks

Hot water heaters are built to last, but as they age they will begin to rust and corrode. When corrosion gets bad enough, it will cause water to leak out. Leaks from corrosion are serious and should not be ignored. Failure to replace a water heater that is corroded will result in horrible flooding. 


It is natural for condensation to occur on a hot water heater. When cold water first enters the tank, it will lead to condensation if the outside air is hot. While this is not a major problem, and can just be wiped down, if major condensation occurs to the point where water is running down the sides of your water heater and collecting on the floor, you should get your water heater serviced. 

Since water heaters are a necessary appliance to keep our homes running comfortably, it is good to be proactive about checking your water heater and to keep up on the maintenance so you can help avoid water damage and restoration costs to your home. However, even after taking every precautionary step, water damage cannot always be avoided. If you find yourself faced with water damage in your home in Troy, On-Site Cleaning is experienced and equipped to handle any and all water damage cleanup. Whether it is from a faulty water heater, broken pipe, or overflowing sink, On-Site Cleaning will restore your home as quickly as possible.