Fire Damage: What Does It Look Like?

The damage caused by fire doesn’t end with everything being burnt or melted. There is a lot more that comes with a house fire, and just no one can simply fix it. Sometimes the damage can cause safety issues, and it takes a professional to be able to start and finish the restoration process right. When it comes to fire damage, there are other damages that can follow and cause serious stress and cost a lot! Take a look: 

Fire Damage Restoration Troy

Fire damage is pretty straightforward. When there’s a fire, there is the extreme heat that can melt some substances and weaken the foundation. Flames themselves can disintegrate whatever is in their path. In the case of a big house fire, firefighters may have broken windows or cut holes in the roof to slow the fire down. Between everything, once the flames are extinguished, your house may not be as safe as it looks. The floor may look solid, but the extreme heat took a toll on it. For smaller fires, the chemicals from a fire extinguisher can be harmful to you as well.

Smoke Damage

This one is the kicker. Nobody really thinks about it, but with fires, smoke can do more damage than the actual flames. Even if the flames don’t make it throughout the house or to certain rooms, the smoke can travel everywhere. Your home and valuables can become black from the smoke, but even worse, the odor from the smoke is very hard to get rid of. A lot of times, even if something looks perfectly fine, you might have to get rid of it simply because the smoke odor can’t be removed. 

Water Damage

Water will be used in order to put the fire out. This is good that something so accessible as water is able to put out a fire, but it also means that there will be water damage. If the fire or smoke didn’t harm your things, it is likely that they are wet or damp from the water. 

Rot Damage

This can become a big problem if the aftermath is left for a long period of time. It’s hard for things to rot if it is taken care of right away, but if left even for a couple of days, the water used to extinguish the fire can cause things to rot and mold. This can make the foundation even weaker and more dangerous. As well as cause a foul smell and cause health issues for those who need to go in and clean it up.

After a fire, it is important to remember safety first. Before going into your home or around the fire, make sure it’s been inspected, ask the professionals if it is safe, and always remember your safety. Though fires of any size (a small kitchen fire or a fire that consumes the whole house) can be scary, the aftermath can leave you a little lost, not knowing what to do. There are professional fire damage restoration teams that can come in to help. They take care of the damage from the ground up, inspecting and making decisions as to what needs to happen. If things can be salvaged, they will help to salvage it. For those in Troy, MI, On-Site Cleaning will be there to do the job.