Troy Fire Damage Restoration: Protecting Your Health

Property Fire Damage Restoration & Your Health

Fire damage is often just as serious a threat to your health as it is to your home. If your home is ever damaged by a fire, it’s important that you be aware of the different potential health concerns. Here are four of the most pressing health problems often brought on by a fire according to our fire damage restoration experts at On-Site Cleaning, serving Troy.

Fire Damage Restoration In Troy

Fire Damage Health Risks

  1. Breathing problems and lung damage. 
  2. Eye irritation.
  3. Skin sensitivity.
  4. Long-term health risks.

Breathing Problems

The respiratory problems that can result from a fire are a very serious matter. Breathing problems from fire damage occur from two main sources: smoke inhalation and soot inhalation. Smoke inhalation can take a major toll on your lungs and respiratory system, even leading to long-term damage in some cases. Soot is an even more serious hazard. Soot particles are made up of tiny, microscopic remnants from the fire. They are small even to bypass many types of respiratory protection and can even have carcinogenic properties in some cases. Smoke and soot is extremely hard to remove from a home which is one of the reasons why fire damage restoration is such a labor-intensive process.  

Eye Irritation

As you can imagine, smoke and soot will cause the eyes to tear and turn red almost instantly. They can also become itchy if continuously rubbed. But the worst of it all is that smoke damage is not always visible, and can cause significant irritation over time. If you must go back into your home after a fire, you may want to wear eye protection, especially if you have sensitive eyes. If you are suffering eye irritation after fire damage to your property, consult with a doctor right away and then call the restoration experts.

Skin Issues

Just as it takes a toll on your eyes, fire damage is not kind on your skin either. The most common effect the fire damage has on skin is causing excessive irritation and dryness. In most cases, you should be able to remedy this by applying lotion and moisturizing often. If this still doesn’t get the job done, you may need an over-the-counter brand for dealing with dry, irritated skin. Finally, make sure that there is no more lingering smoke in your home after the fire. Lingering smoke in your home or clothes may continue to perpetuate your skin problems.

Long-Term Health Risks

Finally, the long-term health problems resulting from fires can be extremely destructive. The most common of these are perpetual respiratory issues caused by smoke and/or soot inhalation. In the most serious cases, this exposure can go so far as to lead to cancer or other potentially fatal breathing problems. 

Don’t allow your health to be put in jeopardy after a fire! To avoid any of the hazards listed above, give  the fire damage restoration experts at On-Site Cleaning a call as soon as possible if your Troy home is damaged by a fire and we will be right out to repair the damage and keep you safe in the process.