4 Reasons Not To DIY Water Damage Cleanup In Your Home

sterling heights water damage cleanupA variety of things can cause water damage and flooding in your home. Whether it is burst pipes, faulty and leaky appliances, or rain and snow, no one wants to find water damage. It can create a huge headache as you try to handle the problem. You may be tempted to try to clean up the damage on your own. However, this is unsafe, and it could lead to even further problems in the future.

1. Improper Drying Can Lead To Mold And Mildew Development.

You may think that if all the water you can see is dried up, then the problem is over. However, water easily seeps into floors and walls where we cannot see or feel it. Moisture that reaches your drywall or your home’s insulation will not dry on its own. In those moist areas, mold can begin to form in as little as 24 hours. This untreated mold can be dangerous to live with, especially for those with asthma or other breathing problems. Professionals can get those areas of your home dried properly to ensure that your home is completely dried, cleaned, and restored. 

2. Water Damage Cleanup Can Be Dangerous.

When it comes to cleaning up after water damage has occurred, you must follow a few steps first to ensure your safety. Water can be contaminated with bacteria and things that are harmful to come into contact with. In addition, standing water can put you at risk of electrocution if it has reached the outlets in your home. One of the first things you may want to do is turn off the power in your home. Then wait for professionals to come and make sure that the water is safe before risking allowing yourself to come in contact with it. 

3. It Is Very Difficult To Dry Water Damage Completely Without Proper Professional Equipment.

Wiping with a towel and aiming an electric fan at an area that has experienced water damage is not enough to ensure that the damage is cleaned up entirely. If you want the damage to be fixed thoroughly, professional-grade equipment is required. Certified professionals have equipment that can detect remaining moisture where you might not be able to see it. They then are able to not only dry the remaining water but also disinfect anywhere that may be contaminated. The best way to ensure your home is restored properly is to let professionals take care of it for you.

4. Trying To Fix The Problem Yourself Can Lead To More Expensive Problems In The Future.

As moisture remains in your home without being properly dried, it can weaken the structural integrity of your home. Water can wear down the materials that make up the home and lead to even worse problems later on that are even more difficult and expensive to repair. It is much better to get it taken care of by professionals now than to wait and do it yourself later.

Sterling Heights Water Damage Cleanup

Do not try to clean up water damage on your own. Save yourself the stress of thinking it is better if you do it yourself. Call On-Site specialty Cleaning and Restoration to help you out if you live in the Sterling Heights area.