Mold Remediation in Bruce Township, MI


This was a large mold remediation with several challenging factors. Client was gone from his house for a month or two. When he came home, he found that a pipe broke in the second floor bathroom. It affected the entire house.  Because the house sat for a long period of time, not only did water have a huge effect on the house, but mold had set in and created a much larger project.

Contents and personal belongings needed to be addressed and all removed from the house prior to any structural remediation. Heat needed to be introduced to the house as the HVAC system was inoperable due to the water loss (this was late winter). Equipment was set to stabilize the environment as much as was possible.

Client and his family had to be out of the house during each phase of the project. Getting the client back into the house quickly was a goal that was always maintained and ultimately accomplished.


Temporary heat was set-up to the house to allow for a proper climate for remediation to be performed. All contents and personal belongings were inventoried and inspected for any type of salvageability.  Items that were restorable were packed out and cleaned and stored until the house was rebuilt.  All non-restorable items were digitally inventoried and documented, and then disposed of.

Remediation began with controlled removal of building materials using containment and air scrubbers as was necessary after the contents had been addressed and all removed from the house. After all necessary building materials were removed, the entire house was HEPA vacuumed and wiped to remove all mold spores. Third party post remediation testing was done to assure that remediation was successful. It passed testing on the first set of tests.