Michigan Disaster Restoration Company

Michigan is one of the most distinct and beautiful states in the US. With waterfront destinations, lovely seasons, and activity-filled cities, these two peninsulas have so much to offer to its residents and tourists. However, because Michigan is such a distinct state, it also comes with distinct disaster possibilities. It never hurts to be prepared for an emergency, and if you live in Michigan, you’ll want to know the name of the right Michigan disaster restoration company.

Michigan Disaster Restoration Company

Onsite Restoration understands Michigan and everything that makes it unique. We love our home state, and that’s why we’re dedicated to keeping its residents safe after the disaster. Floods, fires, and other emergencies can bring trauma to yourself, your family, and your home. When we return your living space to its pre-disaster condition, you can get back to your pre-disaster life. We’re well-versed in all things disaster recovery, especially when it comes to those disasters that are common to Michigan.

Frozen Pipes

Some emergencies are more common in certain places than others. As one of the northernmost states in the US, Michigan sees more snow and cold weather than many other states. As a result, frozen pipes are often an issue in Michigan. When pipes freeze, they can burst, causing flooding in basements and other parts of the home. This standing water combined with the Michigan cold can bring all sorts of health problems. That’s why we offer fast and effective restoration after a pipe bursts as well as preventative services to keep your frozen pipes from bursting.


Rising lakes or rivers can bring another type of floodwater. During major rainstorms, lake or river water can seep into homes and cause damage. Even worse, sometimes that water can pick up sewage and other debris on its way to your house, bringing bacteria to settle into your walls. Our flood damage restoration involves water removal, cleaning and sterilization, and advanced drying services in order to get your home clean and dry as soon as possible.

Fire Damage

Fires can also be a problem in Michigan, especially in the dry, windy spring months. A fire in your home is devastating, and it’s often hard to know where to begin with cleanup. Our experienced, certified staff will work quickly and carefully to repair all of the damage done to your home during the fire and the fire extinguishing process. This includes fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, water removal, and mold remediation.

On-Site Restoration has years of experience working with the aftermath of Michigan disasters. From fire damage restoration to flood damage restoration to everything in between, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for a Michigan disaster recovery company, contact us today. You can reach us at [phone_text_btn] . Call today for a free estimate.