Water Damage Restoration in Warren, MI


On-Site was challenged with cleaning and removing damage from sewage backup in a homeowner’s basement. This was a finished basement that included carpet, drywall, tile, bathroom vanity, and an intricate train collection on an elevated platform.


On-Site first contained the environment to reduce the possibility of toxins spreading throughout the home. To do this, a plastic barrier is installed. Next, water was extracted from the basement, and a plant-based anti-microbial was used to sanitize. Damaged materials were removed. This included drywall, baseboards, non-salvageable carpet and pads, and engineered wood (bathroom vanity). Fans and dehumidifiers were used to dry the basement efficiently and effectively. On-Site always disposes of all materials that are removed during the cleaning process.

This homeowner was extremely satisfied with On-Site’s work, especially during the busy holiday season. They would recommend On-Site to their family and friends as well as use them in the future!