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Finding Comfort Through The Right Fire Damage Company

No one should experience the horror of fire damage invading one’s home. However, unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Fire damage is accurate, and the following restoration process can be just as devastating. After an event like this, what steps should be taken now? Fire and smoke damage is tricky, and it is […]

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Do Not Delay Water Damage Restoration

Delaying water damage restoration can result in a variety of negative consequences for your Troy home. The longer the water sits, the more damage it can do to your property and personal belongings, including furniture, electronics, and sentimental items. The longer these items are exposed to the water, the more difficult it becomes to salvage […]

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4 Reasons Not To DIY Water Damage Cleanup In Your Home

A variety of things can cause water damage and flooding in your home. Whether it is burst pipes, faulty and leaky appliances, or rain and snow, no one wants to find water damage. It can create a huge headache as you try to handle the problem. You may be tempted to try to clean up […]

water damage cleanup sterling heights

Five Steps To Preventing Frozen Pipes In Winter

As if the cold temperatures and miserable weather weren’t enough, when it comes to winter, one thing no one wants to have to deal with is their pipes freezing and bursting. Water damage from burst pipes is not only stressful to deal with, but it can also create new risks and dangers in your home.  […]

sterling heights water damage cleanup

Protect Your Home From Leaky Appliances

Water damage is an extremely common problem that can occur to any homeowner. A common cause for water damage is severe weather, such as heavy rain or melting snow, but it can also come from malfunctioning appliances. When regular maintenance on any appliance is not kept up on, problems are bound to happen. Most of […]

sterling heights water damage cleanup

Preventing Water Damage In The Bathroom

Water damage can occur in any room in the house, but a bathroom is one room that is more prone to it on account of its high water usage. All the appliances built into the bathroom require the use of running water, and, because of that, there is a high risk of water damage. There […]

water damage restoration troy

Four Homeowner Hacks For Water Damage Prevention

There are some steps for keeping water damage at bay that require a good amount of work like cleaning out your rain gutters and fixing your appliances. Fortunately, there are many very simple water damage prevention hacks you can employ as well.  Water Damage Restoration Troy As recommended by our water damage restoration professionals at […]

water damage restoration troy

Don’t Waste Any Time When Dealing With A Water Damage Restoration

Time is the one factor that will have the biggest impact on water damage restoration when your Troy property sustains water damage. Damages will compound the longer water remains, so it is critical to act fast to prevent any further harm to your home and belongings.  Water Damage Restoration Troy Below are a few of […]

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Water Damage Restoration Tips: Prepare For Winter Weather In Troy

October is the month that the growing season ends across Southeast Michigan, and we need to get ready. While the weather patterns are changing, we homeowners have until October 29th to prepare for the first frost. Take this opportunity to maintain the exterior and even make repairs to avoid water damage when the snow arrives.   […]

Water Damage Restoration Troy

The Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Flood Damage

Looking at your household filled with water is the most devastating thing you can do as a house owner. Flood damage in the property poses health concerns and affects the structural stability of your house over time. If you don’t want to deal with the terrible consequences of flood damage, you should always take the […]

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