Fire Damage Restoration Processes In Troy

Experiencing a fire in your home or business in Troy can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration is here to make the entire process of fire damage restoration easy for you. We want to help ease the burden that comes from fire damage, which is why we offer the best fire damage restoration services in the area. 

Fire Damage Restoration In Troy

To help you be more prepared if you do find yourself in need of fire damage restoration, here is a general list of what you should and should not do following a fire.

  1. Do have a fire escape plan for your home, and practice it with all members of the household. Getting everyone out of the home safely and quickly is the number one priority when a fire breaks out, and having an effective and practiced fire escape plan is the single best thing you can do to increase the odds of a successful evacuation. For an escape plan to be effective, there needs to be two designated exit routes for each room, a specific meeting spot outside of the home, and a buddy system to ensure that infants, elderly, and pets who may need assistance exiting a building are accounted for. 
  2. Do have fire alarms and/or smoke detectors in every room of your home where someone sleeps, and at least one on every floor. These alarms will oftentimes be the first things to alert you that there is a fire, so as soon as you hear the alarm go off it is time to initiate the escape plan. These life-saving devices do no good if the batteries are not replaced every 6-9months. Test your alarms to be sure they are working properly and will be able to alert you if a disaster does occur. 
  3. Do have at least one accessible fire extinguisher in your home, and know how to use it. If a fire occurs and is small and contained, an extinguisher can be used to quickly put out the flame. However, do not waste precious evacuation time attempting to fight a fire that is not responding to your extermination efforts (more of that to come in the ‘don’t’ section).
  4. Do alert emergency response personnel as soon as possible. You want to make sure firefighters are en route to your home as soon as the fire breaks out. It is important to inform them how and where the fire originated (if you have that information) and how many people are in the home so they are prepared to respond correctly to best meet your needs. 
  5. Don’t attempt to put out a large, uncontained fire on your own. Even small fires can grow quickly, and when it is not contained it will get out of control before your efforts can thwart it. Instead, focus on getting everyone out of the home safely, including yourself.
  6. Don’t attempt to re-enter a burning building under any circumstances. Let the firefighters and emergency personnel do their thing and handle any other evacuations that may be necessary. They are properly trained, thoroughly equipped, and well experienced to safely navigate a burning home and will have much better odds of successful extraction than you. Let them help you.
  7. Don’t attempt fire damage restoration or cleanup on your own. Smoke, soot, and other byproducts left behind from a fire can be toxic and harmful, not to mention overwhelming and difficult to remove. Instead, let the trained and experienced team at On-Site Cleaning take the stress out of fire damage restoration and handle the entire process, start to finish, for you.