Deploy Professional Expertise To Clean Up Water Damage

The flooding corridor interior (3D image)

Your professional staff of janitors, custodians, building engineers and cleaning staff work hard to maintain your spaces for employees, customers, vendors and suppliers. They have developed schedules, protocols and techniques to make your building shine. But we at On-Site Cleaning know that some problems are bigger than your staff.

When your Oakland County store, warehouse, factory, office or shop gets hit with a deluge of water, your team will have so many crises to handle — get them some help. The professional restoration industry has expanded from its early years of hands-on field and carpet cleaning training to a body of specific knowledge of fire and smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold remediation, and personal property restoration.  

Bigger Problems Than At Home

Your commercial property can suffer every type of water damage emergency that you might have at home: broken pipes, clogged toilet, floods from summer storms. However, your facility also has: industrial sized HVAC, huge hot water heaters, fire sprinklers, large parking lots, etc. 

However, in a commercial location, water damage problems are magnified. Customers are inconvenienced, employee health could be at risk, inventory is ruined and equipment is damaged and possibly a total loss. You have to get the facility and your business back on track. But is your team the best team for the job?

Problems For Your Staff To Handle VS The Professionals to Handle

A good rule of thumb is to measure the best use of your staff’s man hours. If your team can solve the problem within their allotted work hours without sacrificing other tasks, let them make the repairs and clean up. However, if your janitorial team must omit or delay important maintenance tasks, it’s best to hire outside help.

The restoration profession has grown rapidly since more public and private organizations are maximizing the expertise of qualified restoration contractors. As materials, products and safety regulations get more complex, facility managers increasingly rely on the training and expertise of Certified Restorers. Solid knowledge of professional restoration procedures, combined with a growing understanding of the science associated with restoration methods, have moved the profession to a higher profile with the public and private sector, insurance companies, government agencies, and humanitarian groups.

Practice Prevention

Of course, you never want to have an emergency at work. However, invest some time now to think through what would need to be done in the case of flooding or a significant spill. Determine your safety and evacuation procedures, along with who should be notified (and the contact info). Post instructions near equipment that may need to be moved or shut off. 

If there is property damage, FEMA recommends that you first focus on saving undamaged property and later try to salvage partially damaged pieces. Prevention–a well-planned response and appropriate cleanup of equipment– will help keep your personnel and facility safe.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup In Oakland County

When your facility suffers from water damage, deploy the experts. On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration will respond to your service call at your facility for any emergency. We are always ready to help out!