Trauma Cleanup

On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration is certified and qualified to handle the cleanup of blood-borne pathogens and bodily fluids in a wide variety of situations. We have restored countless homes, industrial facilities and vehicles, and we have even disposed of dangerous drug-tainted needles. 

Let the pros handle trauma cleanup.

Certified Technicians​

Knowledge is power, which is why at On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration, we ensure all our technicians are certified and trained in the latest restoration.

24/7 Service​

We are ALWAYS open. With a team of dispatchers on call, we can be reached immediately, no matter what time of day.

Innovative Equipment​

At On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration we invest in the best equipment available in the restoration industry.

Best in Class Procedures​

Our processes are modeled with the IICRC best practices in mind. Our technicians are fully trained and certified.

Choose On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration for Crime Scene & Trauma Cleanup Services

When blood or other bodily fluids have affected an area of your home or business, it is important to call a qualified professional to handle the mess. Emotions are running high at this point, and the last thing you need to worry about is the cleanup. In fact, during an emotional time such as this, you run the risk of missing key areas, which could lead to risky and harmful exposure to blood-borne pathogens. 

One of the reasons why we are so qualified to be your company of choice during this stressful time is our cleanup standards far exceed OSHA’s requirements. Due to our thoroughness, we have been recognized as an industry leader for trauma and biohazard clean-up in Eastern Michigan. Our specialized process, high level of integrity, and compassion through this time set us apart from the rest.

Certified by the IICRC, Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

24/7 Emergency Service

Crime Scene Cleanup
Choosing the proper crime scene cleanup company does not have to be difficult. There are companies online who advertise crime scene cleaning services but do not fully understand the complete process. We understand this is a unique and distressful event for you. That is why our entire team is properly trained in how to effectively restore your property- while maintaining a level of compassion and integrity throughout the process.
Suicide Cleanup
Unqualified workers could delay the proper cleanup in a suicide situation. Our mission at On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration is to ensure we send our specialized team of technicians for proper cleaning and restoration. Our goal is to get in and out quickly- while restoring all the obvious and hidden damage.
Blood-Borne Pathogens Cleanup
The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) has strict guidelines for blood-borne pathogens cleanup and removal. Our team strives to exceed those guidelines.
Unattended Death Cleanup
At times, unattended death cleanup can be the most challenging, and only a job for a professional. Depending on how long it took for the body to be discovered, much of the fluids and decomposed material may have infiltrated over a wide area. Our team is fully trained to identify which materials can be saved and which ones must be removed. In addition, our proven odor removal services can attack even the strongest of decomposition situations.
Vehicle Restoration
Our team of technicians has an extensive amount of training restoring vehicles from blood and other bodily fluids. If you have a vehicle that has experienced an accident, crash, suicide, or unfortunate crime, we can help with the restoration.

Protect Your Health - Get Professional Help for Trauma Cleanup

Cleaning up after a traumatic event which involves blood, bodily fluids or other dangerous blood-borne pathogens is extremely stressful. However, exposing other people in your home or business can increase the risks of transferring a dangerous disease. Your liability is extremely high in facilities such as municipalities and education or healthcare facilities. When trauma occurs on your property in the form of a suicide, dangerous crime, or accident that leads to a bloody injury, it can cause serious health problems if others are exposed to the blood or bodily fluids. 

Available 24/7, On-Site Specialty Cleaning & Restoration has helped property owners restore their buildings and contents from harmful blood-borne pathogens in a safe and efficient manner.