Protect Your Home From Leaky Appliances

sterling heights water damage cleanupWater damage is an extremely common problem that can occur to any homeowner. A common cause for water damage is severe weather, such as heavy rain or melting snow, but it can also come from malfunctioning appliances. When regular maintenance on any appliance is not kept up on, problems are bound to happen. Most of these appliances rely on water use, so when problems do pop up, water damage is one step behind. 

Sterling Heights Water Damage Cleanup

Even if a pipe or hose from an appliance has a minor leak, it can still cause huge amounts of water damage the longer it is allowed to leak. Unfortunately, this water damage is nothing to ignore as it can go on to cause mold growth and structural damage over time. Keeping up on regular maintenance is imperative to ensure that your home doesn’t have to endure water damage. To check to see if appliances are becoming broken, follow the subsequent steps. 

Appliance Maintenance Checklist

Follow The Manufacturer’s Recommendations 

Though every appliance requires maintenance, the way to do so can vary depending on the machine. Each follows a different schedule, as one may need to be kept up to date more often than another. In the owner’s manual, you can find the manufacturer’s recommendations on the regularity of inspection for optimal performance. After figuring out the cycle of inspections for each appliance, you will still need to keep an eye out for any problems in between inspections such as puddles of water and mold. Being aware of problems that can appear can really minimize the possibility of water damage. 

Inspect Seals

Appliances that need to keep cool air in and warm out like refrigerators, freezers, and ice machines, need to have proper seals and gaskets. When they are deteriorated or broken, water will leak from them due to condensation and moisture build-up. Moreover, if warm water is leaking into these appliances, they will have to work harder to keep the inside cold. This means that your electric bill will inevitably go up. Repair or replace defective door seals that aren’t smooth or have cracks, tears, or other breaks.  

Replace Flexible Water Supply Tubing

The flexible water supply tubing that comes with your appliance tends to break, crack, and tear over time. Because of this, it may be wise to consider replacing it with stainless steel tubing, which is studier and lasts over time. Additionally, when you are installing your appliances, be sure to consider the length of the tubing. If the tubing is too short, it will become taut and have trouble pulling water in. If it is too long with the appliance pushed too close to the wall, it could become kinked. Try to aim for somewhere right in the middle for optimal performance. 

Consider Buying New Appliances

Sometimes the constant problems of an old appliance just aren’t worth it. Over time, these old appliances that are “good enough” can actually cost you more money over time, with repairs and higher energy and water bills. Additionally, they are far more prone to leaking, leading to water damage. Consider what is best for you and your home. 

Though you could go through all the preventative measures possible, sometimes water damage is just bound to happen. Owning any sort of appliance that requires water can make you vulnerable to water damage, as accidents and unforeseen events just happen. Trying to deal with water damage cleanup can be extremely stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. To avoid improperly cleaning up water damage, which can lead to mold and rot, reach out to professionals at On-Site Cleaning. They will be able to assess your situation and conduct water damage cleanup properly.